Important security update

This is a very important update to apply to your sites as soon as possible because it fixes a security bug. We would rate this update as "critical".

This issue affects all versions of SiMan CMS 1.6.X, so if you are still on a elder releases you need to update to 1.6.4 as well.

Please upload the file http://simancms.org/files/download/security-update-20130916.zip via "Upload package" section of your Control panel.


Code Generator Available

We realized a small but useful tool for developers.

Check out our code generator, please.

You will be able to create an admin part of module based on MySQL Create statement with just a few clicks.


Siman CMS 1.6.4

New in SiMan CMS release:

  • Much better UX
  • Memory optimization
  • Security updates
  • Developer's KIT update
  • Core update
  • Bootstrap theme update
  • New developer functions and libraries
  • Better events engine
  • Plain text in content module
  • SQL queries library update
  • Virtual filesystem update
  • $sm['u'] as userinfo


SiMan CMS 1.6.4 announcement

We are finishing works on a new version of SiMan CMS.

SiMan CMS 1.6.4 pretends to be even more stable and faster than SiMan CMS 1.6.3.

We are working on better UX too!


Siman CMS 1.6.3

New in SiMan CMS release:

  • 40-60% memory optimization
  • Security updates
  • Developer's KIT update
  • Core update
  • Bootstrap theme as default


6th Anniversary of SiMan CMS

Six years ago we have started to develop SiMan CMS.

Today we have great product on the CMS market.

Congratulations to users and developers of SiMan CMS!


Version 1.0.x-1.5.x support closed

We've finished support of SiMan CMS 1.0.x-1.5.x.


New domain

Official site of SiMan CMS has been moved to a new domain simancms.org.

We've made a content reorganization and removed a lot of unactual materials - so now you can find needed information much faster!


Siman CMS 1.6.2

New in SiMan CMS release:

  • Static blocks subsystem update
  • Security updates, anti-bruteforce
  • Developer's KIT update
  • Multi-domain updates
  • SSL support
  • Temporary data core functions


Siman CMS 1.6.1

New in SiMan CMS release:

  • Rewritten statick blocks subsystem
  • Core refactoring
  • Developer's KIT
  • Multi-domain feature
  • SEO-updates